Consew 1255RBL Review Pros And Cons

Sewing new clothing with the Consew 1255RBL will provide enjoyment to professional sewers since they will get high-quality results. This impressive quilting machine is the perfect choice for many professionals. Consew 1255RBL
It contains some amazing features that make it a must-have quilting machine for the majority of sewers. Consew is a well-known brand that offers high-end sewing machines. The Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Long Arm Quilting Machine is no different.
The article sheds light on the top features of the Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Long Arm Quilting Machine. It also informs you about the pros and cons present in the machine. We have designed the article in such a manner that it answers most of your questions related to the machine.


Let us check out the features and performance of the Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Long Arm Quilting Machine in the below sections!
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Our Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Long Arm Quilting Machine has the below-mentioned features:

Working Space

The Consew 1255RBL comes with a fully assembled table with 18” of working space. When buying a sewing machine, you need to ensure that the table you choose has enough working space. You will need the work area to keep your sewing machine, the items you are sewing, the necessary materials, and have enough room for your arm.

The table has a long arm which makes it easy and comfortable to sew anything you want. With the 18” workspace, you can accommodate anything you want on the table. It also saves you the investment you would have made on a suitable table.

Stitch Functionality

The sewing machine is one of the fastest of the Consew brand, with 3,300 stitches every minute. Consew is well-known for its high-speed models, and the Consew 1255RBL is another addition to their list. Due to this high-speed machine, you can finish stitching a large number of items in very little time.

Another thing about the Consew 1255RBL is the maximum speed of 2,000 spm. However, the actual speed will depend on the operation, thread, and material you will use. Other than the speed, the length of the stitch will also make an impact on your stitching.

In the Consew 1255RBL, the maximum stitch speed is 2.8 spi, about 9 mm.

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Motor Functionality

A sewing machine will not run properly without the right motor. Generally, there are two types of motors used in a machine. One motor is the clutch motor, while the other one is a servo motor. Standard clutch motors have fixed speed, while servo motors have adjustable speed.

In the Consew 1255RBL, however, you will find a servo motor with a fixed speed. Due to this, you will not have to adjust the speed of the machine. Depending on what material and thread you are using, the speed will vary.

Servo motors are also very light as opposed to clutch motors. This lightweight motor makes the whole unit light. It also consumes less amount of energy than clutch motors. That is why having a sewing machine with a servo motor is a very cost-effective solution.

Heavy-Duty Operation

You can use the Consew 1255RBL for professional projects since it is a heavy-duty model. The sewing machine can withstand stitching with fabrics such as vinyl and canvas, both of which are heavy materials.

Despite such a high speed, the machine does not have any intense vibration. It ensures that you can do the work smoothly without any distractions. Another thing about the operation is the quiet motor despite using it for extensive projects.

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Consew 1255RBL Pros

The Consew 1255RBL has some advantages that make the machine a good choice for you. Below we have highlighted some of the pros of the Consew 1255RBL:

  • The machine has a servo motor with a fixed speed
  • This sewing machine comes with an assembled table that has 18” of workspace
  • Consew 1255RBL offers a maximum of 3,300 stitches per minute that makes it the fastest quilting machine
  • You will find a large bobbin on top of the machine to put more thread quantity for larger projects
  • You can use the machine to sew heavy materials such as vinyl and canvas with ease


Consew 1255RBL Cons

Every machine has certain cons like it has pros. The Consew 1255RBL also has a few cons, but they do not affect the overall performance of the sewing machine. Below are some of the cons present in the Consew 1255RBL:

  • Fixed-speed servo motor restricts speed adjustability that is necessary for specific projects
  • You will find the sewing machineto be very expensive compared to other models with the same functionalities


Consew 1255RBL Performance

In addition to having amazing features, a sewing machine should work in the proper manner as well. We have reports of many satisfied users that have praised the performance of the Consew 1255RBL. In this section, we explore the different performance parameters of the sewing machine.


The Consew 1255RBL has the standard design of any other quilting machine. Consew does not focus much on the look of the machine but rather on the features. This machine has all the necessary controls that you can use to run the machine.

The machine also comes with a fully assembled table. That is one of the major appeals of most Consew sewing machines.

Smooth Functionality

A great thing about the Consew 1255RBL is the smooth operation. You will not find any frequent jams when you are using the machine. People oiled earlier sewing machines to ensure that they ran smoothly.

However, the Consew 1255RBL has a self-lubrication system that keeps the smoothness of the operation intact. The system makes the oil flow adjustable according to the need of the user.

Large Bobbin

Having a large bobbin makes sewing easier, convenient, and faster. The bobbin is the part that holds the thread you are using. If you are working on a large project, then you would require more thread.

It can be a hassle trying to change the thread since the old one has run out. With a large bobbin, you can put in a large quantity of thread. Due to this, you will not have to change the thread as often.


A machine that does not work for a long time is not a worthwhile investment. When you choose a sewing machine, you need to ensure that it will not break down in the long run. The Consew 1255RBL fulfills its promise of being a durable sewing machine for the long run.

The materials used to make the sewing machine are of high quality. It ensures that it does not break or get damaged easily. No matter how much you use the machine, it will not break down. Moreover, the company has manufactured each part of the machine with utmost care.

Easy To Use

Having too many features can complicate matters for a user and make it hard for them to operate the machine. Even if the company incorporates advanced features, they need to keep in mind the users’ convenience. Consew has kept this convenience and ease of use in mind with the Consew 1255RBL.

Each function of the Consew 1255RBL has dedicated controls that make it easy for the user to operate. Moreover, you will find the controls in a very user-friendly position, making it intuitive for users to understand and use.


Why Should You Buy The Consew 1255RBL?

You will find various reasons that make investing in the Consew 1255RBL a good decision. Other than the wide range of features provided by the company, we have sorted out some basic reasons for you.

  • High-Quality Results: Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will want to produce high-quality results. Along with the stitching technique you use, the type of machine you use also makes an impact. With the Consew 1255RBL, you will produce nothing but the best items.
  • Reverse Stitching: The Consew 1255RBL has reverse stitching that you can enable very easily. You will find the control placed at a convenient position which even a beginner can enable.
  • Reputable Brand: You must avoid buying sewing machines from brands that are unknown. Consew is a well-known brand that focuses on the quality of its products.


Our Recommendation

Should you go for the Consew 1255RBL or look for other models? Keeping in mind the Consew Premier 1255RBL-18 Long Arm Quilting Machine review, we can say yes; you should choose this model!

The Consew 1255RBL will be a superb purchase that you will never regret. It is power-packed with amazing features that impact the quality and ease with how you operate the machine. Now that you know which machine to go for, are you ready for your next project?

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