Top 5 Baby Lock Sewing Machines Review and Features

Baby Lock Sewing Machines might not be as famous as brands like Singer or Brother, but their machines are just as good. So, if you’re looking for the Top 5 Baby Lock sewing machines, you might not find a lot of reviews online. 
With so many options available from Baby Lock, you might be confused about which one to buy. A top 5 best Baby Lock Sewing Machines list has been compiled for you here.

RecommendationProduct NameImage
Best Reviewed1. Baby Lock Aria Top 4 Best Baby Lock Sewing Machines
Best Price2. Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Baby Lock ellisimo Gold
Best Features3. Baby Lock Unity Baby Lock Unity

  1. Baby Lock Unity 

Baby Lock Unity is one of the best and easiest to use sewing machines around. The Unity sewing machine allows you to take your creativity to the next level. There are several different features that you can use in this machine. Baby Lock Unity
The Baby Lock Unity features make it an excellent machine for both novices and professional sewists. Moreover, you should have some experience in taking care of sewing machines if you want to buy this machine. Maintaining Unity can be a little tricky if you haven’t ever taken care of any sewing machines before. 
One of the best features of the Unity sewing machine is that you can stitch embroidery on it as well. You can use this machine for all kinds of embroidery stitches. Unlike other machines, you don’t even have to remove the embroidery kit to use normal stitching functions. 
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This is why this machine is great for both embroidery and normal stitching uses. Therefore, you can get the versatility of both without any of the drawbacks. It is an excellent combination sewing machine
Unlike many other brands, the Baby Lock Unity is quiet. You don’t have to deal with any noise when using this machine. There is minimal vibration as well. You can stitch in peace when using the Baby Lock Unity. 
The quality of stitches is one of the best that you can ever get. The variety of stitches is also quite vast The embroidery stitches are similarly just as good as the traditional sewing ones. 
The build quality of Unity is impressive as well. You can expect this kind of quality from one of the best sewing machines that Baby Lock makes. 

The Baby Lock Unity is an excellent choice for people who want to do sewing and embroidery sewing both. Additionally, Unity provides a lot of amazing features, even if you are a novice to embroidery. If you are only looking for a machine to sew, you should look through the other machines on our list first. 

Features Included

  • 537 sewing stitches built-in 
  • 266 embroidery stitches built-in 
  • 57 unique needle positions
  • A built-in stitch editing feature 
  • NeverMiss automatic needle threader 
  • 7-inch by 12-inch embroidery field 
  • Sensor and guide beam
  • Dual digital stitch feed system …Check Out All the Features 
  1. Baby Lock Aria 

Baby Lock Aria If you have some more experience with a sewing machine, then the Baby Lock Aria is the choice for you. Baby Lock Aria is one of the relatively easy-to-use machines. It a great option for those who are looking to get a new computerized sewing machine. It is also a relatively budget choice. 

The Aria is designed to be easy to use. You can see it with many features in this machine. For example, there is an on-board threading guide for the sewing machine and the push-button features. Thus, you wouldn’t need to waste time looking up how to thread the machine. 

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Choosing the different stitches is easy as well. You can just use the stitch menu through the touch screen. The screen shows width adjustment, the stitch length, and presser foot settings for each of the stitches. Additionally, making use of the pre-built stitches is much more convenient. 

The stitch quality of the Baby Lock Aria is also impressive. It is comparable to the stitch quality of much more expensive sewing machines of other brands. 

You can even set up your custom stitches in the in-built stitch selector. Creating a stitch of your own is incredibly easy to do. Therefore, as long as you have some experience, you can set up numerous stitches of your design. 

You can also save a lot of your time because the Baby Lock Unity has double spooning pins. You can be winding the bobbin even while you are using the sewing machine. Even threading the machine is easy when compared to many other automated sewing machines. 

The Aria has a large sewing space for you to create new designs and stitches. The LED stadium lighting makes sure that this space is well lit as well. The light doesn’t cause any shadow issues either. 

Features Included 

  • 537 unique built-in stitches 
  • Ability to use reverse sewing 
  • Start and stop button 
  • In machine thread cutter for ease of use 
  • Touchscreen menu with LCD
  • LED stadium lighting 
  • Ample creative space and a big throat space 
  • Presser foot lift button …Check Out All the Features 


  1. Baby Lock Aventura II

The Baby Lock Aventura II is an affordable sewing machine for novices and intermediates. It is easy to use, and with some practice, any beginner can learn all the essentials. Baby LOck Aventura II

The Aventura II is much alike to the other Baby Lock machines in terms of look and design. It features a white coat with golden accents. 

The Aventura II comes with an embroidery kit as well. You can attach it to work on embroidery work. While the kit is attached, you can’t use normal sewing functions. 

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus This is for safety and hazard reasons. The kit is easy to detach and store. Just remember to switch off the machine before trying to remove the embroidery kit. 

Apart from that, the Aventura II has a USB port on its side. You can use this port to update the software of the Aventura II. Additionally, you can also use it to import your stitches and embroidery designs from your PC. 

You can also edit your embroidery designs on the Aventura II’s LCD screen while sewing. The whole embroidery design process is straightforward to use and intuitive. You can customize your designs in whatever way you’d like. 

The LCD screen is pretty large when compared to other machines as well. Moreover, Baby Lock has put a large screen on the Aventura II for you to edit the designs on the screen itself. The display is full color as well.

The Aventura II also comes with a lot of features that make it great for beginners. The only prerequisite being that you would need to go through the user manual once. Though many people can pick up the features without any extra assistance. 

The machine has an advanced needle threader that works automatically—taking out the frustrating job of threading needles repeatedly. Therefore, all you only need to do is press the lever while following the path with the thread.  

The bobbin is an easy-to-set, top-loading bobbin. Thus, just drop the bobbin in, and the machine will do the rest of the work. You do not have to do anything! This is definitely another feature which will make your life easier. 

Features Included

  • 300 in-built stitches for utility and decoration 
  • 141 special customizable embroidery designs 
  • 90 exclusive designs and stitches from Baby Lock 
  • Easy reset key 
  • Automatic jump stitch cutting 
  • Large embroidery working space
  • Advanced pivoting tool
  • Knee lift 
  • Adjustable needle positioning 
  • Speed setting adjuster …Check Out All the Features 


  1. Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold 2

Are you looking for a premium sewing machine but don’t want to spend tons of cash on Brother or Singer machines? The Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold 2 is the one for you to go for. Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold

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This sewing machine is a premium sewing machine with a lot of advanced features. It is one of the best sewing machines from Baby Lock. However, it is best suited for professionals or those who have had a lot of experience with such machines. 

That is why Baby Lock authorized sellers to provide free classes to anyone who purchases the Ellisimo Gold 2 from them. This is to ensure that every buyer has a handle on the basic functionalities of this machine. 

It’s cheap compared to other more prominent brands but is still quite high priced for just regular home use and work. Baby Lock gears this model for professionals as well. 

There are a lot of advanced and premium features that come with the Ellisimo Gold II. So many that if we listed them all, we might be here until next week. Therefore, we are only highlighting some of the biggest ones. 

One of the initial things you notice about the Ellisimo Gold 2 is its size, as it is relatively larger than your standard sewing machine

The second thing you notice is its sizeable TruView LCD screen. Also, there are very few to no buttons present on the side of the machine. Almost all of the controls are used through the touchscreen on the LCD. 

With the NeedleCam, you can also see what you are working on with the display. This allows you to have a handle on the projects that you are currently stitching. With the NeedleCam, you are also able to position your designs with pinpoint accuracy.

The machine comes with two USB ports. So, use these ports to plug in your sketch tablet and upload embroidery designs right into the machine

The stitching quality is nothing short of excellent. Every stitch comes out crisp and clear. There are no frayed ends with the automatic thread cutter. 

Features Included

  • Multiple control foot levers
  • Comes with 4 special embroidery hoops 
  • Top-notch LED stadium lighting for better clarity 
  • Onscreen designer with Sketchpad tablet
  • Completely customizable embroidery designing 
  • Needle beam 
  • 683 programmed stitches …

5.  Baby Lock Joy 

Baby Lock Joy is the perfect machine for those looking to start with sewing on computerized sewing machines. It is a highly affordable and easy-to-use sewing machine. It is perfect for beginners. Baby Lock Joy Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus 

While a lot of budget sewing machines have terrible build quality, that is not the case with Joy. Like all other Baby Lock machines on this list, it has a solid structure. It doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. 

The Baby Lock Joy lacks the advanced features that would be useless to a beginner. Therefore, that’s how Baby Lock makes this machine so affordable. An intermediate user on a budget can also get some good use out of this machine. 

The stitch quality and design choices are still impeccable. Moreover, between this machine and the more expensive ones, there is hardly any difference in quality.

The Baby Lock Joy still keeps the signature easy-to-use style of all the other Baby Lock machines. It has a lot of different features that make it so much easier to get into sewing. It’s the best Baby Lock sewing machine for beginners

Features Included

  • 19 programmed stitches built-in
  • Easy to use thread cutter
  • Easy 4-step butthole stitcher
  • Bobbin quick-set process
  • Has free arm sewing 
  • Easily adjustable stitch length and width 
  • Needle threader for easy threading 


Best Baby Lock Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors on which we judged all the Baby Lock machines. Based on these factors, we have selected the 5 machines above. With this buyer’s guide, you will understand the essential features to consider in a sewing machine. You can then go on and make an informed purchasing decision. 

  • Needle Position 

A movable needle makes sewing in different directions easier. Without a movable needle, you’ll need a lot of jump stitches. Always look for machines that can at least move the needle up and down, if not left to right as well. 

  • Needle Threader

An automatic needle threader is a godsend when it comes to sewing machines. The easier it is to thread the machine needle, the better the machine is usually. Moreover, you don’t want the constant hassle of maneuvering around the machine to thread its needle. 

  • Presser Feet

An automatic presser foot allows you to keep your hands free while stitching. This allows you greater freedom in how you are working on your project. Additionally, some advanced machines have multiple functions in their foot lever. 

Some even have two lever feet for even more hands-free operations. Therefore, it is always best to keep your hands free of additional responsibilities when stitching. 

  • Stitches 

Computerized sewing machines always come with pre-programmed stitches. Additionally, these stitches allow you to make complicated designs, beautiful stitches, and interesting sews—all with the press of a button. 

A more extensive variety of stitches means that you have more options to play around with. Also, it also automizes a lot of the grunt work from sewing. You just need to select the right stitch and keep the cloth steady. 

  • Bobbin

Just like threading a needle, setting up the bobbin can range from trivially easy to frustratingly difficult. Therefore, the best Baby Lock machines have a quick set or top-loading bobbin set up. These kinds of setups are much easier to use and reduce user inconvenience.

  • Speed Control 

All the best sewing machines have variable speed control. Therefore, with this, you can set up the speed of your stitches. Sometimes you want to sew stitches with a rapid tempo. Other times, you want to take it slow and careful. 

Additionally, a machine with multiple speed settings will allow you to have greater control and flexibility for your sewing needs


Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Good?

Baby Lock sewing machines are excellent choices for anyone. While they may not be quite at the level of the best Brother or Singer models, they are more than worth it. Also, the features you get in the Baby Lock sewing machines would only be found in top-end sewing machines for much higher prices. 

Baby Lock sewing machines are good, and the 5 listed above are among the best sewing machines in the market. 

  • Where Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Made?

Baby Lock machines are all made in Japan. Even though Baby Lock is an American company, all the manufacturing and designing occurs in mainland Japan. Therefore, this way, Baby Lock can offer American ingenuity while maintaining strict production standards and quality of Japan

  • Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Reliable? 

Yes! Baby Lock sewing machines are one of the best reliable ones that you can buy anywhere. Not only are many of the models made in the factory by Brother itself. We can assure you that Brother’s production quality standards are very high. 

Therefore, with Baby Lock, you get sewing machines built with the excellent quality of a Brother sewing machine for just a fraction of the price. 

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