Consew 14TU858 Review Pros And Cons

Consew 14TU858 Having a coverstitch machine like the Consew 14TU858 makes sewing easy for sewers. When you search for a sewing machine, there are many factors that you need to consider. You cannot use all sewing machines for all types of projects.
The Consew 14TU858 Coverstitch Machine ensures that your sewing reaches the next level. This machine has many advanced features that you will not find in many coverstitch machines. Moreover, all of these features are available at a very budget-friendly price.

To help you make an informed decision, this article presents a detailed Consew 14TU858 review. Here we have focused on the features, pros, and cons of the Consew 14TU858 Coverstitch Machine. Furthermore, we have tried to answer any questions that you may have regarding this product in this article.

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Consew 14TU858 Features

The Consew 14TU858 Coverstitch Machine has some advanced features that might not be present in its competitors. These features help in making any stitching task easier for a sewer. Take a look at the different features that are present in the Consew 14TU858.


One major feature of the Consew 14TU858 is that it is portable. You might find many other brands promising portability with their coverstitch machines. However, Consew delivers on its promise. You can move this machine from one place to another without much hassle.

The Consew 14TU858 is excellent for people who often travel a lot or need to carry their sewing machine for projects. You will also find a softcover included with the package, which helps keep the machine safe from dust and damage.

Threading Mechanism

The first thing you will notice when you open the package is the color-coded thread system. Consew provides variable color discs to ensure smooth mastering and threading. It is very easy to thread the sewing machine, even for beginners.

The machine has a tension release mechanism that helps in threading. Along with this, the sewing machine also has a quick looper threading system.

Easy Controls

One thing you will love about the Consew 14TU858 is the easy controls. You will mainly find the controls on the machine’s right side. There are three dials along with a top-level. Over the power switch, you will find a balance wheel. On the left of this balance wheel, you will see the differential feed.

Users will find the adjustment dial for stitch length above the differential feed. The lever present at the top of the machine is the lift for the presser foot. You will not find many machines that have the lift located in such a place.

Safety Features

Having safety features in a sewing machine is important so that no one gets hurt. If you open the motor cover, the micro-switch covers will cut off the power immediately and automatically. That ensures that you or the machine is safe.

Another safety feature is the needed guard, which is essential. When you are not using the machine, keeping the needle open might be dangerous. If you are going to come back to work, then there is no point in disengaging the needle.

In such a scenario, the needle guard will keep the needle covered. When you have kids at home, you will not have to worry about them getting hurt from an exposed needle.

Consew 14TU858 Pros

The Consew 14TU858 has many advantages that would motivate you to choose the sewing machine. This particular section highlights the different pros present in this machine. Understanding these pros is essential to help you in your decision-making process.

Below are the pros of the Consew 14TU858 coverstitch machine:

  • The machine is very reliable and gives high-quality results
  • At 15.5 lbs, the machine is quite lightweight, which makes it highly portable
  • You will get the sewing machine at a very affordable rate which makes it easy for most people to purchase
  • Consew 14TU858 is a very versatile machine that can work on different types of fabric
  • It has a heavy-duty cutting system that ensures precise and quick cut of the thread and material
  • The built-in LED light helps users focus on their project even if the external area has low light
  • With the built-in storage system, you can keep all your sewing accessories in one place


Consew 14TU858 Cons

Just like the Consew 14TU858 has pros, it also has certain cons. These cons will not always affect the performance of the machine. However, knowing about these cons will help you understand the things that you will miss out on.

Check out the below-mentioned cons present in the Consew 14TU858.

  • The instructions provided by the company is not clear, which can confuse some users
  • This machine is noisy but can disturb the people who are around you
  • The sewing machine sometimes vibrates while it is functional


Consew 14TU858 Performance

You can only invest in a product if the performance satisfies you. According to some users, the Consew 14TU858 has satisfactory performance. To know more about this, we have focused on some particular performance areas.

Let us read on to find more about the performance of the Consew 14TU858.

Feeding System

The differential feed system ensures that the machine gets an even feed. It is necessary to have proper sewing measurements at all times. Without an even feed, the result may not be the way you have expected. There is no stretching or puckering of the material when you use the differential feed.

The differential feed, however, has the gathering feature that you can use. In this, the machine gathers the material used and then stitches accordingly to provide different designs.


The design of the Consew 14TU858 is neither too basic nor too advanced. It falls somewhere in between with easily accessible controls. When you look at the machine, the threading discs of different colors will be the first to catch your eye. After that, you will see that the right side of the machine has all the controls within easy reach.

Other than that, the machine also has a storage unit used to keep all the accessories. Along with the storage unit, you will also find a built-in LED light. This LED will help you get illumination in low-light conditions. The light is adjustable, which means you can change the focus area according to your comfort.

Easy Functionality

If using the sewing machine is a battle, then no one will choose it. That is why companies must develop sewing machines that have proper functions but are not too complicated. Consew has kept this fact in mind while designing the Consew 14TU858 Coverstitch Machine.

Despite having quite a few many controls, the sewing machine is not too hard to use. It has easy functionality, which means even a beginner can operate it. Even if you cannot do it on the first try, you can master the sewing machine after a few tries. Moreover, the placement of the controls also plays an important role in enhancing the functionality.


How Does Consew 14TU858 Stand Amongst Competition?

Consew 14TU858 is nowhere behind its competitors in performance and functionality. This sewing machine has many features which give ease of work to the users. But how is it better than the other coverstitch machines found in the market?

Below are the main reasons why you should choose the Consew 14TU858 and not any other model.

  • Despite being a very budget-friendly unit, the company does not compromise when it comes to the features.
  • You will not find coverstitch machines with such convenient controls. The primary focus goes on the top lever, which is the presser foot lift and placed at a unique position.
  • It provides immense safety to the users in the form of auto switch off and needle guard.
  • The whole unit is more organized due to the presence of a built-in storage unit. Here you keep all the necessary items that you will require for sewing.


Why Should You Choose Consew 14TU858?

Consew 14TU858 is an excellent option for you based on many reasons. It does not just have good features, but it also high performance. Below are some important reasons that will help you make the decision.

  • Portable: If you need to carry your sewing unit at all times, then a heavy sewing machine will not do. The Consew 14TU858 is a portable unit that weighs just 15.5 lbs.
  • Budget-Friendly: The Consew 14TU858 is a very budget-friendly unit that will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are on a tight budget, then this model is the right choice for you.
  • Easy To Use: The easy functionality of the Consew 14TU858 is one thing that attracts users. It is not hard to operate even if you are a beginner.
  • Quality Sewing: The Consew 14TU858 maintains the quality of the sewing with the help of various features. You can use this machine for professional projects very comfortably.


Our Recommendation

After the Consew 14TU858 review, the one question that stays is whether the Consew 14TU858 Coverstitch Machine is a good investment? If you ask us, we say yes! After looking into the pros, cons, functionality, and features present in the machine, we have come to this conclusion.

It will enhance your sewing quality and be a constant companion for a long time. Now that you know how the Consew 14TU858 functions, are you ready to get on with your new project?


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