Atlas Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Atlas Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Want a prom dress? Looking for a wedding gown? Searching for a fabric for your plunge frock? Then Atlas fabric should be your top pick. Not only is this fabric an excellent color carrier, but it also hugs your body like a second skin.

Clothes made out of Atlas fabric look exquisite and feel buttery soft against the skin, making them the best choice for glossy evening gowns and even curtains. This fabric will always be the right choice, no matter what clothes you design.


  • Atlas fabric is a versatile fabric that is known for its beautiful drape, lustrous appearance, excellent elasticity, and resistance to wrinkles.
  • This fabric has a long history and was originally made out of silk in China during the medieval period. It became popular among fashion designers in Europe and other industries during the 12th century.
  • Atlas fabric is used in a variety of applications, including clothing (wedding gowns, formal wear, lingerie), accessories (hats, ties, bags), bedsheets, and decorative items (pillowcases, cushion covers).

History of Atlas Fabric

Atlas fabric tracks way back to China’s medieval period, where it was only made out of Silk. This rich blend of fabric weave was discovered in the Chinese city of Quanzhou.

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During the 12th century, this type of cloth became popular amongst the fashion designers in Europe and many other industries. The trade of this fabric expanded from the American states to England, Spain, and Netherland.

Towards the end of the second-millennium, weaving of Silk was no secret to other Southern Asian countries. This lavish and valuable cloth was owned by the elite members of Korean, Japanese, and Indian societies and was seen as a symbol of superiority and class.

Properties of Atlas Fabric

Atlas is a versatile Fabric with many unique qualities like:

Beautiful Drape:

The gorgeous drape created by statin weaves gives the fiber a different look and appearance. It steals the show and makes the outfit look high-class and elegant.

Lustrous Appearance:

The texture of Atlas is like a luxurious and fine satin. It has a glossy side that shines and glows beautifully. This fabric is versatile because of its distinct appearance and unmatched charm.

Excellent Elasticity:

The fibers of Atlas are long and have high flexibility. They are woven together in a taut fashion. You can easily wear it even after ages without fearing that you have outgrown it.

Resistant to wrinkles:

This fabric is less prone to wrinkling in comparison to other fabrics due to the arrangement of threads.


Challenging to work with:

This fabric is silky soft and can snag or tear easily. The sewing process can be excruciating for you, but you have to be forgiving and extremely patient as a result will be extra-ordinary.


This fabric is a beautiful piece of cloth that has a luxurious appearance. You may think of it as a rich satin fabric, and all of its unique characteristics come at a price.

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Uses of Atlas Fabric

Let’s review some of the significant applications of Atlas fabric:


Atlas Fabric has a versatile use in textiles. Many wedding gowns, formal wear, evening wear, and even lingerie are designed from this fabric.


Fashion accessories like hats, ties, lining, headbands, and even high-quality bags and purses are made from this fabric.


As this fabric is soft and flexible, it is the ideal fabric to make bedsheets and bed linens.


Earlier, Atlas was used for making decorative furniture. It was used to make pillowcases and other cushion covers.

Caring for Atlas Fabric

When it comes to Atlas Fabric, heat is your enemy. You have to protect this “sacred” material from all heating products and even iron it in low-temperature settings. Make sure you either wash it by hand or in the machine by selecting a gentle cold wash.

Use a mild detergent, and after rinsing, hang it to let it dry. Avoid folding it, rather hang it nicely in your wardrobe. The Atlas Fabric is a sacred Fabric in the fashion industry, and as a part of the textile world, you are obligated to take good care of this fabric.

Where to buy Atlas Fabric

We recommend buying Atlas fabric at

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