Albatross Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Albatross Fabric History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you enjoy going to the beaches and inspecting the unique nature around you there, then you would be familiar with this name up here. Yes! You got it right! Albatross are the large seabirds that have a uniquely beautiful appearance.

The Fabric Albatross resembles the soft and warm under-side of the feathers of the Albatross bird. You must know about this soft-worsted fleece-like fabric. It has been a trendy Fabric in the making of war, garments, and the lining of jackets.

It may seem like this fabric is not environmentally friendly, and Albatross bird may be harmed in the manufacturing of this fabric. But the Albatross is a worsted fabric, which is a type of wool yarn that is very soft and warm LIKE the feathers of the bird.


  • Albatross fabric is a soft-worsted fleece-like fabric that resembles the under-side of Albatross bird feathers.
  • It is a lightweight fabric that is sturdy, smooth, and drapes well.
  • Albatross fabric is used to make garments like jackets, hoodies, gloves, hosiery, and scarves, as well as for furnishing items like carpets, drapes, and rugs.

History of Albatross Fabric:

The concept of a worsted wool yarn was developed back in the 12th Century, in a village Worstead. The name of the wool is derived from there. It was long-staple pasture wool that was extracted from sheep. The wool was processed by washing, oiling, and then spinning.

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The yarns of this wool were spun in such a way that it created fleece. The Albatross fabric is made from the worsted fleece. There is an inconclusive debate as to whether the fleece used it synthetic or human-made. But either way, the material and its touch resemble the under-side of Albatross bird’s feathers.

Properties of Albatross Fabric:

Albatross is a popular Fabric, and it has many distinct characteristics. Let’s view some of them:


This fabric is light and easy to carry. Even the jackets and hoodies fashioned out of it are huge and thick to keep you warm, but they do not feel bulky.

Sturdy and Smooth:

This fabric is strong and robust. It can withstand high pressure and still resist any change in its appearance. The fibers keep their shape, and they have a great recovery.


This fabric’s garments are ideal for a chilly winter evening. You can tailor it into a stylish jacket and an elegant overall, and you are good to go! It has properties of wool and fleece, which make is warm and thermally insulating.

Drapes Well:

This fabric is elastic and tough, which allows it to stretch well without being damaged. So, it drapes finely.


The fibers of this fine fabric are repellant to water, and the fibers are so thick and packed together that they absorb a good amount of water without being drenched.

Uses of Albatross Fabric:

The application of this fabric is limited to the following:

Garments and Furnishing:

This worsted fabric is used to make stylish carpets, drapes, and rugs as they are absorbent and sturdy. They can be used roughly as they recover quickly. It is used to make warm clothes for the winter season to keep you warm and cozy.

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This fabric is also used to make gloves, hosiery, and baize. Fancy jackets and hoodies are made from this fabric because of its fleece-like nature. Scarves made of this fabric are trendy and have made their way through the Fashion industry.

Caring for Albatross Fabric:

This fabric is tough and resilient to many things, so you may not have to worry much about its care. Make sure you hand dry it when you wash it, or it gets wet. It is safe to keep it away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

It may attract moths and mildews, but if you want to protect your cherished Albatross fabric’s garments, you must use insect repellents and keep them stored in airtight bags. Don’t overthink it!

Where to buy Albatross Fabric

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