Consew Industrial DCS-S4 Review Pros And Cons

Your search for a skiving sewing machine ends with the efficient and convenient Consew Industrial DCS-S4 skiving machine. A skiving machine will allow you to remove the thin layers of leather material. Consew
Consew is known for manufacturing reliable and professional sewing tools and equipment. The innovative technologies and premium materials make the equipment resilient, durable, and long-lasting. 
At Consew, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. So, if you consider buying Consew DCS-S4, you can trust the brand and its quality. Not just that, the machine is a reliable tool for both beginners and professionals. 
Let’s review the skiving machine based on its features and performance. Later, we will review how it stands out from its competition to help you make a well-informed decision.

To understand its process, let’s get to know more about its features.

Numerous Applications

What’s better than to have a skiving machine which enables you to do multiple tasks? The Consew DCS-S4 is one such leather skiving machine. Apart from using the machine for skiving and edge, you can use the machine on a number of other materials. 

Some of these materials are leather, vinyl, and artificial leather. Moreover, the machine is ideal to use for upholstery, watch straps, belts, leather bags, and shoe uppers. Also, you can use the machine for bevel skiving with a presser foot. 

Versatile Operation

The Consew DCS-S4 has a cutting speed of about 11,00 rpm. Additionally, it offers 2 inches of skiving width. This way, you have enough space to carry out your tasks easily. You can use the machine to complete your difficult tasks in no time. 

The skiver boasts presser feet and a grinding wheel. You can interchange both parts for added flexibility. Besides, the skiver’s function is of a basic Fortuna-type knife, plate, and shoe, but it’s also a waste-removing device. 

Server Motor Speed Control

The leather skiving machine includes a server motor for efficient operation. The motor includes a dial speed control. Furthermore, it makes use of 90% less power than most clutch motors. Also, it is one-third times lighter than other models. 

The Consew motor is available in two configurations an adjustable speed servo motor and a fixed-speed clutch motor. Servo motors allow you to adjust the speed, unlike clutch motors. Also, the motor works completely silent if you do not engage the pedal.  

You can reverse the motor rotation with a motor switch. By doing so, you can easily handle the device. Being lightweight, you can also transport the skiver from one place to another.


Fully Assembled Table

You don’t have to worry about the assembly of the skiver. The best part of the machine is that it comes fully assembled. Further, you can run the machine as soon as you unpack it. 

The package includes Manual, LED light, Servo Motor, Heavy Duty Stand, Table Top, and Machine head. 

Consew Industrial DCS-S4 Pros

Let us consider some of the pros of this excellent sewing machine<

  • The parts of the machine do not adjust or wear out quickly.
  • You can turn on the reverse motor rotation with a press of a button.
  • The machine’s motor is a third lighter compared to most clutch motors.
  • The skiver is energy-efficient as it uses about 90% less power in comparison to clutch motors.
  • You get one year of warranty on this product. 

Consew Industrial DCS-S4 Cons

Can a product be without any disadvantages? A machine tends to break or wear out after some time, but that doesn’t mean it is not qualified for use. 

The disadvantages will help you understand and make the decision to buy the machine.

  • The machine is slightly expensive. 
  • It can become difficult for beginners to understand all the features at one time.

Consew Industrial DCS-S4 Performance

Once you are well-equipped with the knowledge of its features, you must be thinking about its performance. What are its physical attributes, how well is it made, and the ease of usability? This section will mainly deal with describing the performance of the Consew DCS-S4 skiving machine.


The heavy-duty machine looks like something difficult to work with. But, the use of lightweight materials makes it easy for anyone to operate the skiver. 

Also, the machine includes a separate clutch to engage the sharpener and knife. It will increase the service life of the sharpening stone and the knife.  

Ease of Use

No matter what machine you buy, you should be able to understand the instructions and use them properly. It shouldn’t be the case that you keep struggling and are stuck at how to start the machine. 

The server motor speed control of Consew DCS-S4 helps to use and control the leather pairing tool easily. Thus, amateurs or beginners can use the machine without any issues. Moreover, the edge skiving tool also makes the working of the skiver convenient. 

All In One Machine

The machine includes a professional skiving knife, plate, legs, table, and waste removing device. So, it’s not a single machine to remove the thin layers of leather but a host of many features. 

The whole equipment includes everything that you need to complete your easy to complex projects. With little effort, you can receive professional results.  

Durability and Warranty

What about durability? And are you getting any warranty? The high-quality skiver is made of materials that do not wear out due to external conditions. Moreover, the quality will remain top-notch until the very end. 

If you try to press the presser foot quite hard, the configured speed will remain the same that you had previously adjusted. 

How Does Consew Industrial DCS-S4 Stand Amongst Competitors?

Consew manufactures one of the most durable and reliable sewing machines. Also, it offers a large variety of pressing, cutting, and sewing equipment. So, whatever tool or equipment you need related to sewing, you can find it at Consew.

Then, how well does it behave or stand against the competitors? Let’s discuss.

  • Consew is a trusted brand name to produce only dependable and long-lasting sewing machines
  • You can use the machine in conjunction with leather upholstery buttons, belts, and other materials. 
  • No other machine comes fully assembled with a motor, table, and stand.
  • The machine is ready to use as soon as it is delivered. 
  • It improves the service life of sharpening stone and knife.
  • The skiver is excellent for performing any high-quality work. 
  • The skiver is suitable for advanced leatherwork to make accurate peeling.
  • It is highly durable and needs very little maintenance.
  • The parts are interchangeable, making the machine more versatile. 

Why Should You Choose Consew Industrial DCS-S4?

Have you read and understood all the features and the performance of this machine? Are you still confused about whether you should buy the Consew DCS-S4 skiving machine or not? 

Don’t worry as this section will briefly tell you why you should think of buying this advanced and useful skiving machine

  • Highly efficient: It is not simply a waste leather removing machine. You can do much more than that. 
  • Fully Assembled: You don’t have to struggle while assembling the machine. That’s because it comes fully assembled with a spacious table. 
  • Value for Money: The features and durable build justify the higher price of the machine. 
  • Ease of control: The server motor speed control allows you to control the skiving machine easily. Thus, it is beneficial for beginner sewers who do not need high speed for stitching.

Our Recommendation 

When you work with leather without any reliable tool, it can become challenging to handle the material. So, you need to find the tools that can fulfill your needs and make the task simple and smooth. 

You can easily remove the backing off of the leather with the Consew DCS-S4 skiving machine. The process is simple, and you don’t have to put in too much effort because it offers ample space to skive through the leather and the ability to adjust the speed. 

The cutting speed of 1,100 rpm is not available in most skiving machines of a similar price range. Now, you have everything with you about the machine to decide whether it fulfills your requirement or not. In the end, the decision all depends on you. 

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