5 Best Fabrics for Patio Umbrellas

A patio umbrella can be a great addition to any back yard or deck. Umbrellas look great, but they also serve quite a few different purposes as well. An umbrella can offer shade against the sun, and cover against the rain. Outdoor fabric can sometimes be pricey, but it’s best to choose something that is good quality and is durable, as patio umbrellas generally stand up to a lot of direct sunlight and have to endure the elements. There are different types of patio umbrellas, so different fabrics can be used. Acrylic is probably the most popular choice for a patio umbrella, but olefin, and even polyester can be suitable.

Best Fabrics for Patio Umbrellas

Here are our fabric for patio umbrella reviews.

1. Sunbrella Dimension

Sunbrella fabrics are commonly used for many different outdoor items. The fabric is extremely versatile and can be used for furniture, cushions, pillows, and more. Sunbrella fabrics are known for their durability and heavy duty performance, and this collection is no exception. The fabric might have a soft hand, but it is also made to last.

  • The fabric is medium weight and is made from 100% Sunbrella acrylic and comes in thirty-five different colors and prints
  • The fabric features 25,000 double rubs, resists pilling, and is fade resistant
  • Machine washable- bleach cleanable
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2. Terrasol Outdoor Style: Catalina

Olefin can be a great fabric to use for many different outdoor projects. Olefin is known to be durable and solution dyed fabrics have many great properties that make them ideal for outdoor use. This line of fabric is very heavyweight and is 100% solution dyed PP olefin. The fabric’s color is long lasting, and it is soft as well as durable.

  • While it is durable, the fabric is also versatile and can be used for many indoor and outdoor projects including upholstery, pillows, tote bags, tablecloths, cushions, and more.
  • Fabric can be wiped down to clean it, or hand washed with warm water and a mild soap solution
  • The fabric is solution dyed so it is lightfast for up to 1500 hours, and is resistant to fading, stains, mold, water, abrasion, and mildew
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3. Sunbrella Outdoor Canvas

When it comes to making a patio umbrella, acrylic is a great choice because it has so many beneficial properties. Acrylic is durable and Sunbrella fabrics are known for their high performance and are also known to be extremely durable and long lasting. This line is made from 100% Sunbrella acrylic and is medium weight.

  • This fabric features 15,000 double rubs, is UV, fade, and stain resistant, is breathable, and dries out quickly
  • The fabric has minimal shrinkage or stretching, which makes it perfect for a wide variety of outdoor projects
  • Spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm water to remove stains- use a soft brush or a sponge
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4. Comersan Fabrics Garden Plus Outdoor Green

Solution dyed acrylic fabrics are one of the best fabric to use for outdoor projects. Acrylic fabrics are usually extremely durable and extremely versatile. This fabric is perfect for making outdoor cushions, for upholstery, and more. Patio umbrellas have to endure through sun, wind, rain, and other elements, so investing in a durable fabric that is going to last is worth the price of the fabric.

  • This fabric is very heavyweight and is 100% acrylic
  • Machine wash on cold and air dry
  • The fabric, while great for outdoor use, can be used indoors as well
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5. Comersan Fabrics Garden Plus Outdoor Green

While acrylic is a popular choice of material for outdoor fabrics, olefin can also be a good choice. Olefin is a synthetic based polypropylene. This fabric is 100% olefin and is medium weight. While it is durable, it is also extremely versatile. It can be used to make a patio umbrella, and could also be great for used for upholstery projects, pillows and outdoor cushions, table cloths, tote bags, and more.

  • Fabric features 10,000 double runs, will withstand up to 500 hours of direct sunlight exposure, is stain resistant, and water resistant
  • Clean by wiping down the fabric with a damp cloth, or hand wash with warm water and mild soap
  • This line of fabrics comes in over eighty different prints and colors to choose from
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Fabric for Patio Umbrella Buying Guide

Outdoor fabrics come in many different colors, patterns, textures, and can be made from many different materials. Each fabric and each fabric line is going to have properties that make it unique. Outdoor fabrics are durable, but they are generally very versatile as well. Fabrics that can be used to make a patio umbrella could also potentially be used to make table covers, cushions, pillows, or used for upholstery projects in the same shade of fabric, which helps tie everything together, but also helps use up any extra fabric.


While some outdoor fabrics might carry a higher price tag, they usually are worth spending the extra money to get the many benefits they offer. Many outdoor fabrics are lightfast for anywhere between 500 all the way up to 1500 hours. Most treated fabrics are mold, mildew, and stain resistant, while some are water resistant as well. Most outdoor fabrics, if cared for properly, can truly last a long time, which saves money on replacement costs in the long run.


Caring for your outdoor fabrics properly will really help extend the already long lifespan that most fabrics have. Many outdoor fabrics can be taken inside or put into storage while not in use and this will help extend their lifespan. This is especially true for items like patio umbrellas, which see a lot of direct sunlight. Most fabrics can usually be spot cleaned or washed with warm water and mild soap.

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