Singer M2100 Review Pros And Cons

Looking for a Singer M2100 Review Pros and Cons? Sewing with the Singer M2100 is every beginner’s dream come true. The Singer M2100 is one of the impeccable models from the most reputable sewing machine brand globally. 

Owning the Singer M2100 can open the door to a world of artistry and creativity. With the assortment of computerized sewing machines, a beginner can often feel intimidated picking the right one. 

Like all sewing machines, the M2100 has a motor, bobbins, and needle. However, when it comes to those ‘extra’ features, can the Singer M2100 impress you? 

This Singer M2100 will dig out all the details and performance of the model. So, what’s the hold? Let’s get going! 

Topic Summary
Singer M2100 Review The Singer M2100 is a beginner-friendly sewing machine with impressive features. It offers 57 stitch varieties, reverse stitching, and comes with essential accessories. It has LED lighting for better visibility and a free arm for sewing tubular pieces.
Pros The Singer M2100 is aesthetically pleasing and offers various stitch varieties. It has easy buttonhole sewing, transparent bobbin, and a storage compartment. It comes with an extensive warranty.
Cons The Singer M2100 may not suit the preferences of experienced sewists. It may have issues with thread breakage and cannot handle heavy or complex fabrics.
Performance The Singer M2100 has a solid construction and durable materials. It is suitable for delicate and regular fabrics but not recommended for thick materials. It offers high-quality stitches and is user-friendly with easy maintenance.
Comparison The Singer M2100 stands out with its affordable price, good warranty, detailed user guide, and simplified advanced features compared to its competitors.
Why Choose Singer Singer is a reliable brand with a long history in the industry. The M2100 is cost-effective, easy to use, and durable.
Recommendation The Singer M2100 is highly recommended for beginners due to its simplicity, affordability, and included accessories.

Singer M2100 Review Pros and Cons Features 

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Singer M2100 Review Pros and Cons

Despite being a beginner sewing machine, the Singer M2100 doesn’t miss a few fancy features. Besides, you might be surprised to find some of the unique features of the Singer M2100. 

The best part is all these features facilitate easy usage. You won’t find yourself juggling between the manual each time you decide to sew. 

Let’s take a peek at the Singer M2100 features! 

Stitch Variety 

There are as many as 57 stitch varieties available on the tool. With these many stitch varieties, you can add versatility to your projects. What’s more, for a beginner, this stitch variety is quite enough. 

There’s also the option of reverse stitches. With the reverse stitches, you can secure the seams so that they don’t come out loose. 

Included Accessories 

You’ll love how the Singer M2100 comes with a host of essential accessories. With the package, you’ll receive a bobbin, pack of needles, lint brush, seam ripper, button sewing foot, darning plate. 

The package also includes a needle plate screwdriver, buttonhole foot, dust-cover, all-purpose foot, etc. With these provided accessories, you’ll have no issue taking up basic sewing projects. 

LED Lighting 

Having a source of additional lighting on your sewing machine can save the day. All those times you’re working at nighttime or facing a power outage, you’ll thank the LED lighting. 

The LED light on the appliance brightly lits your workspace. Besides, if you have poor vision, this LED lighting will help you better. 

Free Arm 

Once you remove the storage compartment, you’ll have access to the free arm. This free arm makes it easy to sew sleeve cuffs, trouser hems, and other tubular pieces of clothing. This feature makes sure that you don’t have to limit your sewing projects

Singer M2100 Pros 

One thing that the Singer M2100 boasts of is its practical usage. Additionally, knowing the pros of the tool will help you make the maximum of it. 

  • The aesthetics of this tool is refreshing and sophisticated; it’ll look great regardless of wherever you keep it. 
  • You’ll also find various stitch varieties to create versatile projects. 
  • Users can sew buttonholes in as easy as four steps. 
  • The transparent bobbin is easy to check the current capacity. 
  • It has an easy stitch selection dial to eliminate complications. 
  • There’s also a storage compartment to store all sewing accessories. 
  • Singer also offers an extensive warranty with this model. 

In this section, you can understand how the Singer M2100 will benefit you and your sewing projects! 

Singer M2100 Cons 

No sewing machine in the market comes faultless. Similarly, the M2100 has its cons too. Don’t fret! None of these cons will significantly affect your sewing projects. 

On the bright side, this list of cons does not prevail over the pros.

  • It may not suit the preferences and requirements of seasoned sewists.
  • The appliance can’t accommodate advanced learning needs. 
  • Many users reported issues with constant thread breakage. 
  • The Singer M2100 cannot sew on heavy or complicated fabrics. 

Singer M2100 Performance 

By now, you would have a fair idea about how the Singer M2100. The brand promises an exemplary performance with its set of features. However, the question remains, ‘can the Singer M2100 truly deliver?’ 

This section will answer that question and help you gain better insight into the Singer M2100’s performance! 


The Singer M2100 has a solid construction. The interior metal parts are sturdy and do not shake while the unit is running. An all-white and solid exterior covers the metal interior to prevent the body from rusting. 

The dials, needles, needles plate, and rest of the exterior equip only the best quality materials. Therefore, you can expect the Singer M2100 to last for a long time before it demands replacement. 

Fabric Applications 

The appliance comes with an extra high presser foot to accommodate thick fabrics. However, being a starter model, we don’t suggest experimenting with it for thicker materials. 

It’s better off with delicate and regular fabrics. Materials such as denim and leather might overload the sewing machine’s motor. 

Stitch Quality 

With 57 stitch applications and reverse stitching options, the Singer M2100 offers impeccable results. Additionally, choosing the stitch variety is a simple affair with the dial. 

Buttonhole stitches in the Singer M2100 also come out neat and tidy. The feed teeth on the appliance also deliver beautiful monograms and stipple quilting. 

In short, you will have no significant stitch quality complaints from this starter tool. 


Every ting feature of the Singer M2100 has been made easy for accommodating novice users. From the easy stitch selection dial to the pre-threaded needle, beginners will appreciate the simple and straightforward nature of M2100. 

The four-step buttonhole is another simplistic feature that won’t take much longer to understand. Not to mention, the front-load bobbins on the Singer M2100 are easy to refill. 

Cleaning and Maintainance 

There are sewing machines that require regular cleaning and oiling. However, the Singer M2100 is sweet when it comes to maintenance. You on;y have to indulge in intricate cleaning once or twice every month. 

For the rest of the days, you can dust off the dirt and clear the broken threads to prevent jamming. The upkeep of this tool is not tedious and is easy peasy. 

How Does Singer M2100 Stand Against the Competition? 

There are a host of brands offering beginner sewing machines from its range. With this variety, it becomes hard to refine and pick a single appliance. You might be doubtful if the Singer M2100 is better than its competition or not. 

Here, we’ll list what sets the Singer M2100 Review Pros and Cons apart from its competitors. Let’s understand the unique selling points of the M2100: 

  • The effective pricing of the tool takes over the competition like a pro. 
  • Singer offers one of the best warranties in the market. As a result, users have more affinity for the brand. 
  • Not all sewing machines come with a detailed manual. However, the Singer M2100 offers a clearly outlined user guide. 
  • All beginner sewing machines in the market play it safe with standard features. On the other hand, Singer M2100 has many simplified advanced features. 

Why Should You Choose Singer M2100? 

Are you still in a dilemma about whether to buy or not to buy the Singer M2100? The Singer M2100 dons several other compelling aspects to convince you to buy the model. 

Here are all the reasons that speak in favor of choosing the Singer M2100: 

  • Reliable Brand: Singer is a renowned brand all over the world. It has been in this business for decades. This long duration in the market allows Singer to have the right experience to deliver nothing but the best. 
  • Cost-Effective: Not all of us have thousands of dollars to spare on sewing machines. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you’d like to start small. Hence, being a cost-effective model, the Singer M2100 is a good choice. 
  • Easy-To-Use: It’s no doubt that the Singer M2100 is one of the easy-going sewing machines. It has a transparent bobbin, LED lights,  east stitch selection, and convenient buttonholes. All these features sum up user-friendliness. 
  • Long-Lasting & Durable: Despite being a lightweight sewing machine, the M2100 doesn’t fall short of durability. It packs immense robustness and strength to serve you for years to come! 

Our Recommendation Singer M2100 Review Pros and Cons

If you are wondering whether or not we suggest the Singer M2100, well, we love it! What’s not to love about this beginner-friendly sewing machine? 

It simplifies every intricate feature so that beginners have a good time learning. Moreover, the price tag of this sewing machine solves all the budget crunch problems. And, how can you forget the variety of accessories? 

With the Singer M2100, you will have no excuses to ditch your sewing projects! 

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