Singer S0100 Overlock Serger Machine Review Pros And Cons

Giving a professional look to your sewing project has become quite convenient with Singer S0100 Overlock Serger Machine. Can a Serger machine help you to provide a sturdy and neat finish to a homemade sewing project?  

Yes, with a serger machine, you can make ruffles, handle heavy and delicate fabrics, produces elegant stitches and hems, and finish edges and seams. That’s why the Singer S0100 Serger Machine comes with numerous stitching options and 2/3/4 thread abilities. 

The serger machine will help you finish and secure seams by enclosing raw edges, stitching fabrics together, and trimming the seam allowance simultaneously. As a result, you will get stretchy, durable, strong, and professional-looking stitches.  

So, are you ready to explore the features, pros, and cons of this highly efficient Singer S0100 Overlock Serger Machine? Let’s begin

Singer S0100 Features Singer S0100 Pros Singer S0100 Cons
Various Applications Free arm for stress-free working No thread cutter
2/3/4 Thread Capability Lower looper LED light Not suitable for basic sewing styles
Free Arm 2/3/4 stitch threading capacity
Differential Feed Mechanism Stitching speed of 1300 stitches per minute
Six different stitch types
Accessory box included

Singer S0100 Features

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If you want to sew clothes having stretchy fabrics, Singer S0100 is a great machine. Moreover, it can handle other delicate fabrics. The features of this advanced machine don’t stop here; there is more to it. 

So, it’s time to discuss the features of Singer S0100 in detail to help you understand its operation.  

Various Applications

For producing stretchable seams, the machine can help you to work with woven material or knit fabric easily. Further, the machine enables you to make decorative clothes from stretchy and thin fibers such as spandex. 

You have the option for topstitching which helps to reinforce seams and let the fabric move around. So, if you want trim edges or seam finishes, you can easily perform it on any garment. Each one will look like you have bought them from a store. 

2/3/4 Thread Capability

A perfect stitch is hard to make with any machine. It would take years of practice to get a perfect stitch with a single thread. However, the Singer S0100’s 2/3/4 thread capability resolves this problem. It also offers you to show your creativity with six different stitch types.

With different stitch types, you can get the stitch you want as per your project. Whether it is sewing hems or finishing raw edges, it’s just a piece of cake for this machine. Moreover, you can get flat locking, rolled hems, and blind hems with this machine. 

Each thread stitching has some roles to play. With 2-thread, you can finish scarf edges, seam allowances for an open seam, and decorative edgings. Further, 3-thread stitches will help you create custom cors, trims, pipings, seams on knit fabrics, and attaching beads.

Lastly, the 4-thread stitch is for inserting zippers, attaching elastic, crotch seam gathering, and constructing seams on most fabrics. 

Free Arm

What if you want to sew different elements in your garments, such as sleeves, cuffs, and trouser legs? Can you do it with your regular and standard sewing machine without any advanced features? No!

But, Singer S0100 allows you to make any design you want on your clothes with a free arm. Further, it is conveniently placed at the bottom of the machine coming out of the main body. It is just around the feed dogs and needles. 

The free arm has built-in stitch plate, bobbin race, and feed dogs. With a free arm, you can easily sew one fabric without attaching the other. So, it is beneficial to sew tubular items with convenience. 

Differential Feed Mechanism

Sewing machines need to produce well-balanced and correct stitches, and feed mechanisms help the machines. Also, the feed mechanism helps control the speed of feeding as you work on the machine. 

In the differential feed mechanism, the system separates into two parts, where one needle remains in the back and the other in the front. Moreover, you can operate the two parts at different speeds or the same speeds. 

It solves the problem of puckering the fabric. Further, you can easily make every edge stitch, chain stitch, and lockstitch with this mechanism. 

Singer S0100 Pros

Now you have been through the features of the machine, how did you find it? Did it stand up to your expectations or exceeds them? If nothing has happened, maybe the pros of this machine will help you change your mind. 

  • It comes with a free arm to help in a stress-free and convenient working
  • The machine includes a lower looper LED light to illuminate the threading area
  • It provides 2/3/4 stitch threading capacity to perform different types of threading
  • It offers a stitching speed of 1300 stitches in a minute
  • The machine comes with six different stitch types to make a perfect stitch on every sewing project
  • It includes an accessory box containing all the necessary tools for sewing

Singer S0100 Cons

Unfortunately, the machine is not without cons. However, these cons don’t bring down the sewing performance of this machine. The cons will help manufacturers to make improvements in future models. 

  • It does not include a thread cutter, making it difficult to cut the thread
  • The machine is suitable for professional as it cannot do basic sewing styles

Singer S0100 Performance

How would you know that the machine is suitable for you? It is through its performance. Therefore, you should know how Singer S0100 performs in different areas. After that, you will see whether it is beneficial for your particular sewing project or not.  

Stitching Speed

The most crucial thing is the stitching speed. Why? If the sewing machine can stitch quickly, it can help complete larger and complex projects with ease. So, the Singer S0100 offers a stitching speed of 1,300 stitches in a minute. 

So, you don’t have to think before taking up large and challenging projects just because your sewing machine is not fast enough. The Singer S0100 will be there to help you out with its fast stitching speed. Also, you will always get professional results. 

Accessories Included

You will not find many machines with accessories included in the package. However, the Singer S0100 is an exception. It allows the users to feel at ease while working with the machine with all the provided accessories. 

You will get a pack of two needles with #14/29 size, foot control, 2-thread overlock converter, and Allen key to change the needle. Further, it also includes tweezers and screwdrivers to make sewing a fun task.

LED Light

Can you sew perfectly under a dim light? You might risk getting uneven stitches on your clothes. Therefore, the Singer S0100 comes with a LED light to help illuminate the workspace.

Now, you can work effectively and get clear and perfect stitches without any mistakes. Apart from that, you can even work at night as your workspace will remain brightly lit. 

How Does Singer S0100 Stand Amongst Competition?

You must be wondering whether you can get a similar machine like the Singer S0100 with more features in the market. Maybe you can. But, the efficiency of Singer S0100 is unparalleled. 

Thus, we will list out how the Singer S0100 Overlock Serger Machine stands out from its competition.

  • The singer is a trusted and reputed brand known for reliable manufacturing machines in the sewing industry.
  • The sturdy machine comes with a 2/3/4 threading capability to make creative stitches.
  • Also, the stitching speed of 1,300 stitches in a minute lets your finish your urgent tasks on time.
  • No other machine offers its users numerous accessories for efficient sewing.
  • The free arm makes it easier to work around cuffs and small sleeves.
  • Further, you can easily handle heavy and delicate materials. 
  • Lastly, the color-coded threads make it easy to follow the threading guides.

Why should you buy Singer S0100?

Are you still not convinced? Wait, we have more to tell you. 

There are plenty of reasons to buy Singer S0100, but the crucial ones remain as follows:

  • Top-Rated Brand: Singer will remain the top brand to fulfill your sewing needs.
  • Robust Build: The Singer S0100 is made with a heavy-duty metal frame to handle heavy-duty projects.
  • Easy threading: The lower and upper thread loopers and color-coded thread guides make the whole operation quite convenient.

Our Recommendation

Here you go. The durability and speed of the machine will help you work with this machine for many years. Moreover, the adjustable thread tension, stitching options, and presser foot will make you consider buying the Singer S0100. 

So, if you want to make your sewing a creative project and fun task, you should have such a machine to help you achieve your dreams. Thus, the Singer S0100 Overlock Serger Machine will help you meet your sewing needs for every project.

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