Juki Exceed F600 Sewing Machine Review

Juki Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special Sewing Machine Having occupied a leadership position for many years with its high-quality products, Juki is a brand that’s well known, highly reputed and enjoys a wide fan base. The Juki Exceed F600 Quilt and Pro is no exception, managing to combine power, reliability and user-friendly features like few other machines can. The F600 promises professional end results, regardless of what fabric you’re working with; sleek and multi-functional, the potential for superior project results is endless with the Juki F600 Quilt and Pro Special.

Features of the Juki F600 Quilt and Pro Special

Like all the product offerings from Juki, the F600 is equipped with a series of function buttons (such as needle up/down, start/stop, thread tie-off and cut, and so on), a speed control facility, stitch selection, LED lighting, a backlit LCD, stitch memory and the like, all explained in detail below.

Box-Feed Technology

To ensure beautiful seams and excellent fabric feeding, the F600 is equipped with box-feed technology. With this, you’re assured of the elimination of material shrinkage and shifting, which is absent in conventional feed mechanism (oval motion). Regardless of whether you’re working with light or heavy fabrics, the box-feed technology ensures superior stitch quality.

Stitch Options and Buttonholes

The F600 is equipped with a whopping 625 stitch options (both utility and decorative) and 16 buttonhole types to suit a wide range of needs. The stitches can be selected and their width and length adjusted as required, whereas the buttonholes are all automatically sized as per the size of the button.

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Additionally, the machine incorporates a unique sensor system that ensures even and consistent buttonhole stitching, regardless of the fabric type and any overlapping sections. You can also adjust the cutting width of buttonholes in just 3 simple steps.

Automatic Needle Threader

Juki Exceed F600 Quilt & Pro Special Accessories To save you quite a bit of time and effort, just let the F600’s built-in automatic needle threader do its job. Threading a needle has never been quicker or easier!

Knee-Lifting Lever

By using the knee-lifting lever (a standard feature in all Juki sewing machines), you can lift or lower the presser foot up to 12 mm.

LED-Lit Workspace

In order to help you focus better on the finer details and work into the dead of the night without turning all the lights on, the Juki Exceed F600 is equipped with dual LED lights around the sewing and needle area.

Efficient Feeding of Fabric

With a special steel feed dog and superior presser foot construction, the F600 packs a powerful feeding punch, letting you sew even heavy materials, like denim, with the ease of sewing cotton.

Random Stitch Facility

To give your quilting project a great and fun look minus the hassle of creating it, the F600 can automatically and randomly create the width of certain quilting stitch patterns.

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A Wide Workspace

The F600 comes with wide underarm space and a wide table that lets you work on large projects with ease and comfort.

Foot Control

The F600 automatically trims both bobbin and needle threads; all you have to do is press the foot controller on the heel side. This lets you concentrate better, doesn’t disturb your flow or rhythm and saves you time spent in looking for scissors that mysteriously disappear when you need them!

Other Features

The Juki Exceed F600 also has the following outstanding features:

  • Independent-motor bobbin-thread winding
  • Automatic and manual tension adjustment/control
  • A stitch memory with which you can save up to 70 different stitch combinations in board folders (up to 10)
  • A 7-piece feed dog system
  • A range of accessories, such as:
    • 11 different types of presser feet
    • A lint brush
    • A seam ripper
    • 3 bobbins
    • 3 spool caps
    • A quilt guide
    • An eyelet punch
    • Twin needles
    • A spool pin
    • An extra pack of needles
    • A hardcover
    • An instruction manual
    • A knee-lifter

Needle and Stitch Placement

Along with a “variable needle positions” feature, the Juki Exceed F600 also lets you completely move entire patterns without any alteration to their widths. This means you can also zigzag stitch tapers to any direction for perfect, high-quality stitching.


  • Suited to a range of fabrics; no shrinkage of fabric when working with lightweight materials and easy sewing thanks to the free motion facility with heavy fabrics.
  • Solidly constructed and stable, reducing any possibility of stitch skipping due to the vibration of the machine when in use.
  • Easy selection and adjustment of stitches.
  • Over 600 stitch options, allowing you more space for creativity; you also don’t get easily bored with repetitive stitches and stitching patterns.
  • A ton of convenient and user-friendly features.
  • Smooth and consistent stitches.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
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  • Some users didn’t like the placement of the drop-feed button; it’s under the accessory case and is time and effort consuming to access.
  • Some users found the machine overpriced.
  • May not be ideal for beginners and definitely not for school kids.
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There are very few actual negative things to say about the Juki Exceed F600 Quilt and Pro Special; almost all customers agree that it’s a great investment for its multi-functional, multi-feature, durable and advanced nature. Many users have stated how the stitching process went by super quickly with the F600 without any compromise on the quality of the end product. A great sewing machine, indeed!

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