Consew CN897VF-1 Review Pros And Cons

If you plan to upgrade to a new coverstitch device, then my Consew CN897VF-1 review of this sewing machine is an excellent product to check out. As cover stitch machines are used to create better finishes on your garments, this device will handle a variety of other tasks as well.

Consew CN897VF-1

Customers all over the world use coverstitch machines for working on tricky sewing projects and rugged fabric. For example, if you want to work on slightly stretchy fabric, fix some hems or add some trims on them, this machine will let you do it effortlessly.

Seems interesting? Then continue reading this post to know all about this sewing machine. We’ll review its features, advantages, drawbacks and also analyze its performance. Let’s begin! 

How to understand whether a sewing machine is ideal for you? By taking a closer look at its features. In the case of the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine, there is plenty to impress you.

Push-Button Stitch RegulatorConsew CN897VF-1 Review

It is a great functionality that will allow every sewist to produce better quality fabrics. In this machine, you can keep your stitches in control with just a push of a button. The regulator keeps the stitches well-balanced and prevents them from getting messed up.

Using the push-button stitch regulator, you can ensure that the speed of stitches aligns with the fabric’s movement. This feature is handy during free-motion quilting, appliqué, and working on heavier fabrics.

Differential Feed System

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As you know, the feed dogs are positioned under the presser foot, and it’s the differential feed system that will control the feed dogs’ movements. After adjusting the differential feed system, you can create beautiful decorations and embellishments on your selected fabrics.

The differential feed system in this machine comes with micrometric adjustment. This feature assists you while stretching and shirring. Another benefit of a differential feed system is the freedom to work with different layers of fabric. With a bit of adjustment, your stitches will come out perfect.

Table And Servo Motor Consew CN897VF-1 Review

The sewing machine package comes with an assembled sewing table and a servo motor. If you want to use an adjustable speed servo motor, you need to pay an additional $79. The option is available during checkout when you buy online.

The table will be ideal for keeping your coverstitch device and sewing comfortably. What about the servo motor? It is a powerful and efficient motor that enables you to control its speed. Apart from being energy efficient, the motor doesn’t make much noise when you don’t use the pedal.

This motor is what makes the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine an excellent choice for sewing applications. Even if you press the pedal very hard, the motor’s speed remains constant, increasing your convenience.

Automatic Lubrication

Regular maintenance is a must to keep any sewing machine running for years. Coverstitch sewing machines require some frequent lubrication or oiling to keep their parts working smoothly. But what if you could do it automatically? Well, your dreams are about to come true with Consew CN897VF-1.

This fantastic sewing device has an automatic lubrication system that oils it. There are visual controls for you to adjust the lubrication and flow process. This feature ensures the amount of lubrication is perfect, and all the internal components are well-oiled. Furthermore, the system has a replaceable filter that continuously filters the lubricating oil.   

So, when all sewing machine parts work smoothly, you can sew faster and better. It’s a win-win situation!

Multiple Needle Options Consew CN897VF-1 Review

The machine comes with high-quality needles for handling all your sewing projects. Here are the specifications –

  • 3 Needles – 6.4 mm and 5.6 mm
  • 2 Needles – 4.8 mm, 4.0 mm, 3.2 mm, 5.6 mm, and 6.4 mm

Optional needle gauges are also available for these.

Consew CN897VF-1 Pros

By now, you might have guessed that the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine has more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s see what benefits you will be able to enjoy with such unique features.

  • The sewing tool is ideal for working on lightweight and heavy fabrics
  • You’ll be able to do hemming, elastic inserting, general seaming, and tape binding with maximum efficiency
  • The machine sews at a speed of 6,000 stitches per minute, so no matter how tough your fabric is, it will sew it within no time!
  • The servo motor increases the machine’s speed and efficiency, allowing you to sew for longer hours without any hassles
  • It is a very silent operator and doesn’t make much noise while you work at high speeds         
  • Automatic lubrication keeps the machine’s internal components in good shape and increases durability

Consew CN897VF-1 Cons

Even if you’ve fallen in love with the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine, hold on a bit. You also have to check out its drawbacks to get a better idea of the machine’s performance.

  • No built-in stitches for creating many sewing patterns
  • This sewing machine might not be the ideal device for beginners who’ve just started learning how to sew


As buying a coverstitch sewing machine is not something you do every year, you need to pick one with good value for your money. The best way to decide or choose a sewing machine is by delving into its performance metrics. We’ll cover all that in this section.


One of the key features based on which you can judge any device is its efficiency. The Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine is a highly efficient machine for handling a variety of materials. With the combination of the powerful servo motor, high-speed needles, and stitch regulation mechanism, it is one of a kind. The servo motor uses 90% less energy than other motors and is lighter too.

The efficiency is maintained even at high speeds, and the machine doesn’t make any noise! Furthermore, the vibration is lessened too.

Maintenance  Consew CN897VF-1 Review

If you’ve ever used a sewing machine, you probably know how vital its maintenance is. You’re in luck, as the Consew CN897VF-1 is low maintenance. You won’t have to oil it manually, as the automatic lubrication system does it for you. Besides, an external cooling system cools the oil.

What’s more? The sewing device also comes with useful features such as thread lubricating and needle cooling. So, all the essential components are easily maintained and taken care of.        


Features like UY128GAS needles, 3 needles, and 2 needles, along with stitch regulation, make the device excellent for hemming and seaming. It also supports other types of sewing applications and offers you more versatility through these features –

  • Thread wiper
  • Tape cutter      
  • Under thread trimming device
  • Top cover thread trimming device

So, working on stretchy materials and difficult fabrics will be a breeze now!


When it comes to usability, this is a very straightforward machine. Expert, intermediate, and new sewists won’t have much difficulty in learning its functionalities and features. Moreover, it comes with an instruction manual that is freely available online. It will provide you with all information about the product’s parts.   

However, beginners who have never used a coverstitch sewing machine will need some help, in the beginning, to wrap their heads around the basics of the Consew CN897VF-1.   

How Does Consew CN897VF-1 Handle Competition?       

You might have realized that the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine is undoubtedly an excellent product. However, there are other coverstitch sewing machine brands in the market, such as Brother and Janome. How does it stand out? Let’s find out in this section.

  • Offering you an astounding speed of 6,000 stitches per minute, the Consew CN897VF-1 is one of the fastest coverstitch machines you’ll find
  • The servo motor makes the machine ideal for sewists who require better stitch control
  • You won’t find many affordable machines like this at this price range
  • You can buy the product along with the sturdy metal table for some fantastic sewing sessions!

Why Should You Buy The Consew CN897VF-1 Sewing Machine?     

Whether you want to gift someone or are looking for an upgrade, you need to make sure that the product suits you the best. Have a look at some important pointers before you place your order for the Consew CN897VF-1.

  • It offers you enhanced speed and stitching control while producing high-quality stitches
  • Fewer vibrations even at high speeds
  • The motor makes the product very energy efficient
  • A variety of needle options and configurations
  • It has a very durable structure and can withstand heavy usage

Our Recommendation

To sum up, the Consew CN897VF-1 sewing machine will be an excellent purchase for anyone looking to try out coverstitching. We recommend that you buy the assembled sewing table and the servo motor along with the product for a better sewing experience.        


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