Bunting Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Bunting Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you have been to birthday parties, anniversaries or festivals of any kind, you have surely seen the triangular flags used for decoration called bunt or bunting. Buntings are made of fabrics, plastic, cardboard and paper. And out of all, the most long-lasting and easygoing is the fabric.

Bunting fabric describes the material used in making flags. It is a kind of worsted wool. The worsted wool is more durable than other wools and has a thread count heavier than the others. Bunting fabric has a very lightweight despite the heavy worsted fabric and its thread count, and that’s what it is best known for.

History of Bunting Fabric

The word bunting has been derived from the word “buntie”, lightweight wool, which was used in Royal Navy Boats in the old days. A single triangular flag in bunting is called tammy. It is derived from the French word “estimate” which means wool fabric of a lightweight.

The creation of bunting dates back in the early 1600s when the first bunting was made. It was mainly used as flags on ships, while the sailor who has the job of raising flags is still called a Bunt in present time. Since then, it has been used for decoration, as a symbol of joy and celebration in various occasions.

Here is a table summarizing the content on the page:

Topic Summary
History of Bunting Fabric Bunting fabric has been used since the early 1600s as flags on ships. It was derived from the word “buntie” which means lightweight wool.
Properties of Bunting Fabric – High glaze: Bunting fabric has a high glaze quality, making it suitable for making ribbons and flags.
– Strong and durable: It is stronger and more durable than paper and plastic.
– Washable: Bunting fabric can be washed and reused.
– Easy to make: It can be easily customized and made into flags.
– Creative: Multiple combinations of bunting fabric can be used to create different flags.
Uses of Bunting Fabric – Decorating events: Bunting fabric is commonly used for making ribbons and flags for various occasions.
– Home decoration: It can also be used for home decoration due to its durability and washability.
Caring for Bunting Fabric To maintain the fabric’s appearance, it should be washed gently in cold water, line dried, and ironed when needed.
Where to buy Bunting Fabric Fabric.com is recommended as a source for buying bunting fabric.

Properties of Bunting Fabric

High Glaze:

The manufacturers manufacture the Bunting Fabric by hot-pressing it, which makes it a high glaze. Its high glaze quality makes it one of the most suitable fabrics for making ribbons and flags.

Strong and Durable:

Unlike paper and plastic, the Bunting Fabric is strong and durable. Especially if you are using it for decorating your children’s room, it will be the best option because children cannot tear it up or destroy it easily. Additionally, the strong wasted wool used in this fabric makes it last longer than other fabrics like linen and lace.


One of the best characteristics of bunting fabric is that it is washable. Other materials like plastic, paper and cardboard have a onetime use and easily depreciate after a single-use. But this fabric can be washed and used continuously on various occasions.

Easy to Make:

You can easily make your own customized flags on every occasion through Bunting Fabric. You will just need five things to begin working; fabric with your desired colour combination, needle, thread, binding tape and scissor/pinking shear.


You can show your creativity and make different flags by using multiple combinations of Bunting fabrics. You can also beautify it by doing a little embroidery on it.

Uses of Bunting Fabric

Decorating Events:

Bunting Fabrics are of the best sources of decoration. You can use it for making ribbons and flags for any festivities be it a birthday party, anniversary, marriage, baby shower, bridal shower or even Christmas. It will always add an extra charm to all your events.

Home Decoration:

Bunting fabric can also be used for home decoration. It will beautify your home plus unlike plastic, cardboard and paper, it is washable and more durable.

Caring for Bunting Fabric

If you want your fabrics to last longer, avoid normal wear and tear and look new, you should wash it properly, gently and take good care of it. This rule applies to fabrics of all kinds, and Bunting fabric is no different.

In order to keep your fabric great looking and new, you should wash it in cold water when required. You can also use machine set on a gentle cycle and line dry. The Bunting fabric can also be ironed from time to time, when needed.

Where to buy Bunting Fabric

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