5 Best Fabrics for Tea Towels

Tea towels can be used strictly for utilitarian purposes- drying dishes or cleaning up spills in the kitchen, or they can also function as a décor accent. Many people choose to use tea towels as an accessory in the kitchen and love choosing a fun fabric that  really stands out. Tea towels can be made to match just about any décor. From rustic to modern, plain to printed, there are a ton of different tea towels that you can sew.


  • Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are popular choices for tea towels due to their absorbency and durability.
  • Microfiber is another option for tea towels, offering great absorbency and the possibility of adding a pop of color with a lighter weight fabric on top.
  • When choosing fabric for tea towels, it’s important to consider ease of laundering and select medium to heavyweight fabrics that can withstand heavy wear and frequent washing.

Best Fabric for Tea Towels

Here are our fabric for tea towels reviews

1. Cotton + Steel Home Decor Canvas

Choosing a cotton or linen for tea towels is a great choice. Natural fabrics tend to be more absorbent than many synthetic fibers. Linen and cotton are also durable and will usually hold up to a lot of use and multiple washings, which is great news for tea towels, as they often see a lot of wear and hard use. Cotton/linen blends often get softer with washing.

  • This canvas fabric is a medium weight blend of 50% cotton and 50% linen
  • The fabric is very versatile and can be used for many different projects including window treatments, home décor accents, apparel items, tote bags, and more
  • Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry on low heat

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2. Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas

This cotton/flax (linen) blend has a charming rustic look and feel, which is perfect for tea towels. Cotton and linen blends are great for making tea towels because they are generally absorbent and also quite durable. Cotton canvas fabric generally gets softer with every wash and is heavy enough to be used as a tea towel.

  • Machine wash cold, and tumble dry on low heat
  • This versatile fabric comes in almost forty different prints and is great for many projects including apparel items, totes, purses, and more
  • This medium weight canvas fabric is 80% cotton and 20% flax

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3. 60″ Cotton Muslin Natural Beige

Muslin can be a great fabric for making tea towels. Many tea towels were classically made of muslin. It is a very versatile fabric that can be embroidered, dyed, or more. Tea towels are often bought to match other décor, and this muslin has a more rustic look and feel, which is perfect for matching farmhouse style or retro décor. Muslin is generally quite durable and will usually hold up to multiple washing and heavier duty use.

  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • This rough woven, natural muslin is 100% cotton
  • Perfect for many other projects including aprons, drop cloths, making dolls, and many more

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4. AKAS Tex Microfiber Terry Soaker White

Tea towels don’t always have to be made from natural fabrics. Using microfiber is another popular option. Microfiber tea towels can be made using two microfiber sides, or they could be blended with a lighter weight patterned fabric on the top to give a splash or pop of color while still keeping the great benefits of the microfiber on the bottom layer.

  • Fabric 11oz microfiber terry is a medium to heavyweight blend of 75% polyester and 25% polyurethane and is super absorbent
  • Machine wash with warm water, dry on low heat or drip dry- no bleach or fabric softener
  • The fabric is versatile and can be used for other projects like diapering, unpaper towel, and more

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5. Big Duck Windmill Linen


It might seem strange to use a heavyweight fabric for a tea towel, but some people require heavier weight towels for doing tough duty. Linen/cotton blends are generally quite durable and also quite absorbent. Linens might be crisp when purchased, but washing will often make them softer. The fabric is versatile and can be used for many different household projects as well.

  • Fabric comes in over fifteen different prints
  • This fabric is a heavyweight blend of 86% cotton and 14% linen
  • Machine wash on cold and air dry


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Fabric for Tea Towels Buying Guide

Whether you want an absorbent tea towel to dry dishes or mop up spills, or something that is more for décor or for hand wiping, there is a fabric out there for you. Generally, when making tea towels, an absorbent fabric is going to be your best bet. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are generally quite absorbent and are popular choices for making tea towels. There are many different types of fabric that have linen, cotton, or a linen/cotton composition. Synthetic fibers can sometimes be very absorbent as well, and can often be paired with other fabrics.

Making a Tea Towel

Tea towels can be quite easy to sew, or you can find more complicated patterns as well. Even beginner sewers can learn to make a tea towel. They are a great learning project and are super useful to have around the house. Tea towels can even be made to sell or give as gifts. Tea towels are a staple of the home for many people and almost everyone uses them.

Fabric Properties

Generally, for making a tea towel, you’ll want to choose a fabric that is easy to launder. Choosing a fabric that is fussy isn’t a great choice for an item that is going to be laundered often. Also, choosing a fabric that is medium to heavy weight is likely best, as tea towels need to be durable and stand up to heavy wear. Washing does take its toll as well, so choosing fabrics that stand up to laundering as well is going to be key.

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