5 Best Fabrics for Slipcovers

Slipcovers have so much to offer. There are many different reasons to use slipcovers in the home. They can be used on items like dining room chairs, or even larger sitting chairs, as well as on sofas, and even on outdoor furniture. Slipcovers can be made from a wide variety of different fabrics in all different colors and prints.
Fabric Pros Cons
Linen Cotton Blend Twill Natural appearance, variety of neutral shades, durable Dry clean only
Waverly Sun N Shade Fade resistant, easy to clean, can be used indoors or outdoors None specified
James Thompson & Co., Inc. Bull Denim Extra-tough, versatile, variety of colors None specified
Eroica Home Décor Jacquard Bold prints and patterns, versatile, durable Dry clean only
Premier Prints Coordinates Summerland Versatile, can be laundered at home, modern prints and patterns None specified

Best Fabrics for Slipcovers

Here are our slipcover fabric reviews.

1. Linen Cotton Blend Twill

Linen Cotton Blend Twill

Twill blends are a very popular choice for slipcovers, though it is best to choose a higher quality twill to prevent pilling, fraying, stretching, and other wear. This fabric is a blend of polyester, cotton, and linen. It is a medium to heavyweight fabric and is durable, meaning it should stand up to wear and can be used in higher traffic areas.

  • Has a natural appearance for a classy, clean, modern look
  • Comes in a variety of beautiful, neutral shades that are easy to blend in with existing décor
  • This particular twill blend is dry clean only

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2. Waverly Sun N Shade

Waverly Sun N Shade

This fabric is perfect for any slipcovers you might want to make for outdoor furniture or patio cushions. Patio furniture and patio cushions can be surprisingly costly, so making slipcovers for tired out or worn out pillows doesn’t just reduce waste, it can also be a budget friendly option. The fabric can also be used on indoor projects.

  • 100% polyester medium weight fabric perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fade resistant- can withstand up to 500 hours of direct sunlight without fading
  • Easy to clean- just wipe down fabric or hand wash with warm water and a mild soap

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3. James Thompson & Co., Inc. Bull Denim

James Thompson & Co., Inc. Bull Denim

This fabric is extremely durable, which is a great choice for slipcovers, especially if that fabric is going to see a lot of sitting on and wear in high traffic areas. The fabric is 100% cotton, which is a great choice for slipcovers. Cotton is breathable, hypoallergenic, and is generally easy to launder. Cotton is a timeless fabric that can be blended in with all sorts of other décor throughout the house.

  • Can be used for many other applications including window treatments, apparel, accessories, and other upholstery projects, which helps reduce waste
  • This fabric line is considered extra-tough, which means long lasting durability
  • This line comes in a variety of neutral, deep, and bold colors, which can be matched easily with other décor throughout the home

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4. Eroica Home Décor Jacquard

Eroica Home Décor Jacquard

This fabric line comes in a variety of both bold and timeless prints and patterns. Jacquard fabrics really make a bold statement in the house and are perfect for pieces that you would like to have stand out. This fabric can also be used for many other projects throughout the home including window treatments and accessories, to match with the slipcovers.

  • Medium weight fabric made from 100% polyester
  • The fabric does need to be dry cleaned only
  • Polyester is generally quite durable

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5. Premier Prints Coordinates Summerland

Premier Prints Coordinates Summerland

Cotton duck is a great fabric to use when it comes to slipcovers and others upholstery projects. Cotton duck is generally a very durable fabric and has been used or a wide variety of uses throughout history. Cotton has a beautiful, modern look and the prints and patterns on this line are both modern and elegant and can be easily paired with other accents throughout the home.

  • Can be used for a large range of other projects, reducing left over fabric waste
  • Can be laundered at home by washing in the machine with cold water and mild detergent and hung to dry
  • 100% cotton duck in a medium weight blend

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Slip Cover Fabric Buying Guide

Slip covers are a great addition to any home. They have so many purposes. Slip covers can revive old pieces of furniture or protect existing furniture. Slipcovers are generally easy to take off and are usually easy to launder. Even if they have to be dry cleaned, it’s generally a small expense in comparison to having to buy brand new pieces of furniture. Slipcovers should generally be made out of durable fabric that stands up well to high traffic areas.

Eco Friendly

Slip covers are a great eco-friendly option in that they help reduce waste. Many times, pieces of furniture like sofas or dining room chairs are thrown out just because they have an outdated print or pattern, or because they are soiled with a stain. Slip covers can bring life back to an older piece of furniture or a soiled piece. Slip covers can be made out of so many different, versatile fabrics and there are just as many exciting prints and patterns out there that can really brighten up your home. Bring a timeless look or choose a pattern with a modern flare. You can also go with something fun and funky. Whatever your aesthetic vision is, there is a fabric out there for you.

Budget Friendly

Furniture can be a major purchase for many people. Right now, upcycling is trendy and people are going that extra mile to save pieces from landfills. If you have an outdated piece that needs a facelift, purchasing fabric is often far cheaper than purchasing a brand new couch or dining set. If you’re looking to make a purchase, check local classified sites, garage sale, or thrift stores. Not only will you be saving those items from the garbage, you’ll also be saving a ton of money over buying something at brand new cost. These items are great candidates for exciting new slipcovers. You can customize your fabric and your pieces, getting as creative as you want. Many fabrics are quite budget friendly for the quality you get, which helps further save you money.

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