5 Best Fabrics for RV Awnings

Awnings play many important roles. When using an RV, many people like to set up a picnic table or patio set under cover. An awning helps keep the sun off on hot days, and on rainy, misty, or humid days, the cover protects against water damage. Awnings can also play a key role in heating and cooling, even for RV’s.

Best Fabrics for RV Awnings

Here are our RV awning fabric reviews.

1. Sunbrella Awning

Sunbrella Awning

This fabric is 100% acrylic, one of the most popular fabrics for making awnings because of its properties. Acrylic is breathable and when treated, it is generally resistant to stains, mould, UV rays, and sun fading. This solution dyed acrylic has an incredibly long lifespan and is very durable and is both UV and water resistant.

  • Both sides of this fabric are the same, so either side can be faced to the outside
  • Though the fabric is incredibly durable and long lasting, it is also surprisingly easy to sew
  • Fabric is soft and will not shrink or stretch over time
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2. Herculite Style: Patio

Herculite Style Patio

This Patio 500 fabric is rated as very heavyweight and is 100% PVC. The fabric is perfect for those humid, sunny climates because it is both waterproof and protects against the sun’s damaging rays. The fabric can be cleaned by hosing off to prevent dirt and debris from building up, but can also be cleaned fairly easily with soap and a soft brush.

  • The fabric looks a little bit like linen for a classy finish, but it is also very durable and strong and can be used for commercial grade awnings as well as RV awnings
  • The fabric can be customized with personalized graphics like silk screening, hand painting, appliques, and other techniques
  • Waterproof, but also flame and UV resistant
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3. Sunbrella Firesist 3rd Ed

Sunbrella Firesist 3rd Ed

Made of 100% polyester, this fabric is rated as medium to heavyweight, but is extremely strong and durable. The fabric is specially designed to have flame retarded properties. It also resists fading, and really stands up to the weather.

  • The polyester is treated with a solution to ensure that it doesn’t fade, but also to help the material protect from UV rays
  • Coated with urethane and acrylic on the underside for extra moisture and water resistance
  • Easy to sew and easy to clean- can be hosed down or gently scrubbed with a soft brush and warm water
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4. Sunbrella Awning: Beaufort

Sunbrella Awning Beaufort

This collection features a 100% acrylic fabric that has been solution dyed so that it remains soft and breathable, but has weather and sun resistant properties. The fabric is medium to heavyweight, but is extremely strong and will really stand up over time. This fabric is easy to sew and work with, making it a popular choice for awnings and many other applications.

  • Resistant to UV rays and sun fading and is also water resistant
  • Does not shrink or stretch out
  • Either side of the fabric can be exposed to the outside and it is fairly easy to clean
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5. Sunbrella Outdoor

Sunbrella Outdoor

Acrylic fabric is a popular choice of fabric for awnings because it is so breathable, which means fast drying times. This medium weight Sunbrella acrylic fabric is resistant to sun fading, is extremely durable, is UV resistant, and stain resistant. It’s easy to extend the life of the awning by rolling it up when it’s not in use.

  • Medium weight fabric is soft, but is extremely durable with 15,000 double rubs
  • Very minimal shrinkage or stretch, means the awning will keep its shape over time
  • Perfect for a wide variety of other outdoor applications
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RV Awning Fabric Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a fabric for your RV awning, you are going to want to choose something that is going to hold up against the elements. Acrylic fabrics that have been treated have the added bonus of being breathable so that they dry out faster. Additional treatments or dyes help ensure that the fabric is protected from the elements. Treated polyester fabrics (PVC) are also a popular choice for awnings.

Budgeting for an Awning

Awnings, as you can imagine, are quite large. You might balk at the cost, but before you do, take into consideration that most fabrics that are treated are meant to be extremely durable and last for a long time. While the price might seem a little staggering upfront, but if you take care of your awning, you can have it for years. Awnings will help save money in the long run. A good awning protects against the sun’s rays and against water, keeping whatever is below the awning safe and dry. Awnings also save money by helping with heating and cooling, even for RV’s.

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Caring for Your Awning

Awning fabric is usually specially treated so they are sun, water, and weather resistant. They are tough fabrics that can stand up for years. That said, you’re still going to want to care for your awning to help it last as long as possible. Most fabrics can be hosed off to help prevent against buildup of dirt and debris. Many fabrics can also be cleaned with a gentle soap and a soft brush. Some do not even require soap and just need a soft scrubbing. Cleaning and caring for your awning helps go that extra mile to prevent against mould, mildew, and break down of the fabric.

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